Saturday, January 09, 2010

decade wish lists

Seems I was just typing "I can't believe tomorrow is December" and blink, it's mid-January. I'm way too late for resolutions.
I've been thinking about the new decade though.
2000 - 2009 was rough. Ended this past year with horrible economy and unemployment rate. Got started with 9/11. In between there was Katrina and the asian tsunami.
I'm optimistic for this decade. For me, for my little girl, for my family and for everybody.
The Huffington Post listed 12 things that became obsolete this decade.
Classified ads
Landline phones
Fax machines
Dial up internet
Yellow pages & address books
Hand written letters

I'm hoping to send more hand-written notes (not letters, but notes) in 2010. And my mailbox is awfully full of the supposed obsolete catalogs.
I wonder what will no longer be here in 2020?
I hope:
Time Warner Cable's horrific customer service
Sprint's current horrific customer service
Flight delays
Conference calls (boring ones anyway)
other time-wasters

What I hope we have that's new:

low-calorie chocolate (GOOD chocolate)

low-calorie frozen custard (I"m thinking Sheridan's or Culver's)

more independent restaurants: like the Gareltts' Blue Stem here in KC and Pure Food and Wine in NYC

higher paying jobs that require less work

more Meryl Streep movies

more Norah Ephron screenplays (stage or movie, fine)

no more hunger, domestic violence, child abuse, stupid people

Chinese and Indians realize the value of a baby girl

Ok, so if we can have a couple of those last ones, I'll give up chocolate. Happily.