Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my favorites

All the young bloggers -- and the blogging community makes me feel very old -- are doing lists of their favorite things.

There's no such thing as too old to have favorite things. :)

My current favorites:

Sweaty runs followed by a long shower

Sunday mornings with no schedule, just snuggling with baby girl and Mr Right

Hot baths


Vanilla cupcakes from Cupcake ala Mode or Babycakes (no others, not worth the calories)

Fantasy travel planning

Fantasy interior design (no budgets in my fantasies)

recorded episodes of Divine Design

anything in New York


books, books, books

shopping for books

style and home magazines

my Kindle

Bukeka Shoals singing at church

pasta my husband makes

long walks

Anthropologie, Z Gallerie, Prydes, Nordstrom, "With a French Accent"

brunch (or anything) at Blue Stem

Christopher Elbow chocolates

beautiful hand writing

notecards and stationary

my iPod

my iPod shuffle

mocha, tea or anything warm in a mug on a chilly day

stories of inspirational entrepreuners

the beach

the city

completing a project that I created

taking photos

writing letters (or long personal emails)

strategic thinking, esp to boost business or participation

Is my list too long? I'm certainly not done. Has to be getting boring though.

My very favorite of all my favorite things:
when baby girl plants her slobbery, open mouth on my face and exclaims "mmmmm-uh!"