Monday, May 19, 2008

crazy busy

Long work days, classes and pregnancy-required rest has kept me away awhile, but I have some good stuff to share!

I saw a book "Crazy Busy" when bookstore browsing and checked out the author's website. I really like this list of "10 Principles to Managing Modern Life."

Had a conversation with some Eq gals last week about abs and was asked the BEST abdominal exercise. There are several of course, but one is the dead bug yoga pose with arm & leg extensions. Take a peak at it on this handout and give it a try.

I've managed to keep up with exercise during pregnancy, even though it is quite a bit different. I have substitute taught water aerobics at Lifetime Fitness in south Overland Park, and done Prenatal Yoga at one of my favorite studios Darling Yoga. My walk/jog sessions are definately walks, and I've had to learn to be ok with three times a week instead of four or five, but all in all, I'm a healthy "older" mom!
I'll be finishing the session of early morning Equilibrium and Sat yoga (Yep, I can still do down-dog, no twists though). Then there'll be a brief break. I'm already counting down the weeks until I can get back to my regular yoga classes!
Create a happy, healthy weekend,
P.S. I'm STILL updating our website, but will be available again soon!