Tuesday, August 28, 2007

lose yourself

I was walking and listening to Eminem sing...."lose yourself, the music, the moment, you own it, you better never let it go" and thinking about how GOOD it feels to sweat to great tunes.
Also been seeing this trainer, Tracy Anderson in the media everywhere -- W, Bazaar, every magazine in the airport. She's apparently risen to fame with her workout program that includes Pilates exercises and dance-based aerobics. I got suckered in and ordered the DVD. It's not bad. The music is great. Though I prefer www.ulianeArney.com for dance fitness videos. Apparently, though the Gwenneth Paltrow's and Madonna's of the world have been at this Tracy's studio and she's quite the buzz in LA.
Well, it's not quite LA, but in the fall you can take "Cardio Dance" on Saturday mornings at the community center and get in a groovin' music-sweat calorie-burn. Easy to follow too. My promise: only three moves per song.
If you can use a little extra cardio in the fall, come to walking club at 7, then stay for Cardio Dance at 8:15. You'll be sportin' a tiny waist for Halloween :)
The walking club and ALL the fall classes start after Labor Day; get yourself signed up.
Hope it's on your calendar by now... Green Acres is bringing in Lorna Vanderhaeghe for a seminar on Tuesday night, September 11th, "The Hormone Triangle: Adrenals, Liver & Thyroid." Click here to download the flyer.
Green Acres has generously agreed to be a sponsor for our fall walking club; be sure and thank them when you're in there.
Create a healthy, happy Labor Day weekend.
In fitness & in health,