Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Candy Woman Can!

From last week's eNewsletter:

I love my job as a fitness instructor, and every now and then I am insanely happy & excited about it. Yesterday was one of those days.

Candy Kerr has been taking my classes since I first moved to Liberty and taught step classes on that hard gym floor. She's been in Equilibrium: Balanced Fitness for Women for over a year now. In January 2005, Candy did 21 push-ups in one minute as part of a fitness test. (Which isn't bad, as the average person her age can only do 10*.) Yesterday she did 29!

That's an increase of almost 50% in the past year! She blew away the "Excellent" category on the fitness charts. And oh yeah, one small detail -- during 2005 when Candy made this amazing progress with her upper body strength, she was diagnosed, treated for and survived Breast Cancer.
Candy's workout buddies knew she left class for a few months, and returned from chemo with very little hair and one hell of an attitude. Everyone was proud of her inner strength. But we had no idea of her real, physical, "I am the queen of push-ups" strength.Incredible.
Give Candy major high-fives in cyberspace, in your thoughts or next time you see her. What an amazing accomplishment. And the coolness didn't end there.
Ms. Laura Shadid, who's weight loss you've heard me mention, oh -- only a million times now, made quite an amazing leap as well. In January 2005 she did three push-ups. Three, that she says with a smile, probably shouldn't have even counted. Yesterday she did over 30. Go Laura!
A reminder that you can click on any text in this blog that's in color/underline and get a link to a website or handout. A couple resources for you today:Some basics on Nutrition and Women's Health, and a host of medical articlesAn interesting tool to calculate your risk for Breast Cancer A handout on the basics of meditation A handout on increasing your sleep savvyJoin us to walk tomorrow at the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church -- 7:00am!
Make it a healthy day,
Angela Broderick, MA
*I mention above that the average person Candy's age can do 10 push-ups. I want to point out that is referencing "average' of people who take the test -- not every person. So, once again, Go Candy! You are awesome!