Monday, August 20, 2012

Phit Inspiration - Ruth Zukerman

Ruth Zukerman, founder of Flywheel Sports, is a Phit inspiration.  I saw this photo of the 54-year old and immediately dusted off my Spinning shoes.

My bias about fitness instructors is obvious, and Flywheel won my heart early on for the way they promote their instructors.  They don't pretend that it's a gym or a membership that makes the difference, they know it's the instructor and they put a spotlight on their teachers.

That is impressive.  So is the fact that Flywheel has multiple locations including Dubai.  Dubai, for crying out loud!  

But back to Zukerman.  Impressive businesswoman, impressive motivator - I certainly want to acknowledge that first.  Kudos Ms. Zukerman, you are a true inspiration.

And then the piece of this I am clearly blown away by... that body, that skin -- at 54 years old?   Wow.

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