Monday, November 02, 2009

Bonjour November

It will truly be a month with a french accent, as I'll be leaving for Montreal in a few days and working like mad. Nearly 800 attendees at a convention. I am SO bringing my yoga mat and running shoes.

October ended in a flurry. I was so happy to attend Judith Lasater's yoga workshop "Moving from the Organs" and learn how healthy I'm getting from the inside-out!

Halloween was great fun with M as Baby Shrek. Went to visit my old neighbors, which always leaves me a bit lonely for that cul-de-sac of families.

Sunday was a gorgeous fall day and we had pizza outside at Pizza 51 to celebrate my stepson's 18th birthday.

Thank you October, for a month where I worked really hard. Adn for the milestones and celebrations.

I am still sad about the deaths of Kelly M and Ann W, 44 and 45 years old. For that I am glad to see October go.

November's shorter days are a mixed blessing. Like most of you, I love seeing the sun early and don't care so much for the darkness as I leave the office.

Here's hoping NAPCRG has an amazing meeting and November feels productive and like a month well spent.